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I go by Bgirl Pep-C. I am an up and coming Breaking  olympian from Indianapolis, IN, USA. I am truly passionate about Breaking, which I have been practicing for years on the strength of pure love and interest. I had no intentions of becoming anything from it. My aspirations were to simply have fun, do my best, and maybe inspire others to do the same. I never imagined that I would challenge myself to be amongst the headliners in the wake of such a historical moment. In hindsight, I’ve realized that all along, I have been afraid to dream that big! But today, I am proud to have dreams of being a USA representative in the 2024 Olympics. And now, I need your help to turn the impossible into a reality.


To excel, I need to be constantly pushing my limits. I have been working hard and sacrificing everything to attain this dream. I do believe I have what it takes! I have the passion and the dedication. I have the will and the want. Unfortunately though, that is not enough. The road to success will be costly. That being said, your support from here on out will mean everything to me. 


By supporting me today, you are investing into something bigger than just a fundraiser or just my personal goals. You are literally pushing forward our legacy in history! What’s next is important to me, not just because of what I want, but because this one will be for the culture! I appreciate your help in the making of history! Thank you for your support!



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